A professional spreadsheet based calculator tool to calculate speargun performance

How it works.

SpearTool uses engineering formula and experimental data to accurately calculate properties of standard speargun configurations.

Simply input the dimensions of your current or proposed speargun, assign materials, band configurations and a barrel profile.

An understanding of formulas is not required and the results require no manipulation. Just add inputs and read the results!

Live graphs and comparison charts enable you to see at a glance the properties of the design and compare with other saved models.

Why use SpearTool.

The idea of building your own gun appeals to many, but would you start building it without the correct tools? And how much thought do you put into its performance capability anyway?

Everyone has different performance criteria, and so it is important that your design is specific to your needs. This is what SpearTool can offer. It can be used at the initial design stage of a new gun, or it can be used to model and correctly set up your current gun to your desired performance criteria.

SpearTool is quicker and more concise than any CAD simulation package, and fully customisable to allow you to assign custom material and section properties. SpearTool has been built with a focus on providing accurate results as well as a functional interface.

The huge range of inputs give you great versatility when modelling designs and allow you to be entirely creative.

Applications of SpearTool.

SpearTool has many applications. From designing and correctly setting up your own speargun to understanding the definitive differences between roller and standard setups. Maybe you want to compare several different spearguns objectively and cut through all the marketing nonsense. You may even be a professional gun manufacturer who would benefit from an independent analysis to confirm your own calculations. Run a speargun shop? SpearTool allows you to correctly set up guns for your customers without guessing or estimating band lengths. or even use it as a selling tool to compare your best selling spearguns.

Or perhaps you just want answers to some age old questions:

  • Does a short narrow rubber provide the same force as a longer fatter rubber?
  • Does a solid teak barrel have the same strength as aluminium tube?
  • How much strength does having integrated rails add to my barrel?
  • What effect will using a different brand of rubber have on the gun's performance?
  • How can I calculate the length of rubbers to give the desired pre-tension on my roller gun?
  • How much buoyancy is required for my speargun to float?
  • What is the maximum load the barrel can bare before permanently deforming?
  • What improvements can I make to my speargun's performance by upgrading to a roller gun?
  • How can I analyse my speargun setup without complex computational simulations or experimental data?
  • How would my gun perform if it was made from a different material?
  • How many elastic bands does it take to provide the same force as my speargun rubbers?

A quick introduction to some of the key features SpearTool offers

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